Elemental & Tribal Guardianships


The Guardianships are exactly what the word implies; one who watches, protects, takes responsibility, cares and tends. It comes from the same word that is the root of ‘garden’ to create and tend a place of focus and sacredness, and ‘warden’ one who is responsible for the supervision of a particular place or activity.

These are ancient concepts that we have lost in our cursory application of language as a western society, however as an ancient spiritual Tradition, the use of these words is a song and story of the active and participatory duties and responsibilities of ‘officers’ appointed by the tribe for its wellbeing and survival.

For the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream Tribe, these are sacred offices, taken in blood oaths through the marking and consecration to the totemic spirits of the office, which the people of the tribe rely on.

Each Guardianship stand alone in their specific responsibilities and at the same time is part of the wheel of tribal ceremony and journey, interacting and collaborating as an integral part of the whole guardianship of the tribe.

These are active and participatory duties; each day each guardian of all guardianships is obliged to undertake their daily ‘office’. These daily offices are not cursory rather they are the continuous and consistent binding and protective ceremony required by the knowledge of safety the tribe relies on.

And those daily offices energize and maintain connection to the Elemental spirit and its totem, which feed into the availability, presence and readiness of the individual guardian, which again maintains the Guardianship Group’s alertness and power.

There are 5 optional training modules for the Elemerntal Guardianships within the Earth & Stars Journey.

And 3 optional training modules for the Tribal Guardianships within the Pathfinder and Aoghair Journeys


The Guardians of The Fires, dedicated to Damh the Stag, not only maintain the connection of and for the tribe to that spirit of passion and defiant exploration (necessary for a nomadic tribe) but also ensure the fire, light, heralding and ritual of the tribe.

The Bearers of the Waters, dedicated to Muc the Sow, not only ensure the supply of water, but are the resources for purification, childbirth, preparation of the dead and safe containment, but are also the means by which the ‘women’ find solace for, and ensure the connections with the tribe.

The Standers of the Earth, dedicated to Art the Bear, not only ensure the environments of safety and domesticity for the tribe and tending of shrines, , but also ensure the resources of food and the containment and supply of the resources of the Tribe for the mundane and the ceremonial.

The Walkers of the Winds, dedicated to Bran the Raven, not only hold and tell the sacred stories and songs, but ensure the application of forethought through divination and oracles, and the calling of the ancient ones and the sending of souls to the stars.

The Keepers of The Night, dedicated to Grroh Goh, are charged with the defence and tribal safety against the shadows and that which stalk within those shadows; defenders of curses and demons. They are the watch against the night.


The Order of The Raven Dead, dedicated to Arrnwath and the Dog Cu, are the watchers of the dead and their journeys, keeners, sin eaters, lamenters and assist in the funerary rites.

Sealgari Anam, dedicated to Arrnwath and Gar the Warrior, are the Hunters who protect, defend and seek out the necessary resources for the tribe that is beyond their boundaries. And are a resource for the Tribe and their sacred ceremonies. They undertake 3 hunts a year and have as their focus ritual the Cnámha Fola Blood Bone Sacrifice

Foghar Gòrag,  dedicated to Mear Dao-ean and Cear-Lin, are the ‘harvesters’ who monitor and manage the internal resources of the tribe and its company and are the resource for the The Tribe and their sacred ceremonies. Their prime ritual is the sacred Seal-Fathr Tribal Divination Song