One Heart One Breath

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Animism in its truest sense is a simple definition – ‘everything has breath’

Breath is song; everything sings

Song is the intimate relationship of spirit

To live an animist spirit life, in which we are all equal collaborators in this journey of life is to be in relationship and to be relationship with the moment.

In animistic practice the spirits are the manifest around us.

The Helping Spirit might be this tree or we the helping spirit for the tree

An animist life is a ceremonial life, in which ceremony is that intimacy.

The Sagh’ic were Totemic Animists and saw all and everything as companions on a nomadic journey, which was the great ceremony.


This series of thirteen 1 day workshops leads us in this ceremonial journey of sacred healing; being whole with the whole, and will consider;

Understanding the concept of spirit journeying, dispersing shadows, developing spirit relationship, learning to be our own spirit guide, being aware of ceremony in everyday life, understanding Sagh’ic Cosmology, our place in the tapestry of life.

This series will not make spirit practitioners, however it will open doorways we did not see before, and perhaps we become the practice of spirit.