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Dark Wolf Drums are implements of prayer and as such are made in sacred conversation with the Ancestral Spirits.
The Drum is both an intimate holding of the heartbeat of the world and the means of sacred transport to the worlds and realms of the otherworld and the Ancestral Spirits. The drum speaks between the mundane body and the spirits.

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The making of a drum is an integral part of many Sagh’ic ceremonies;

  • In the marriage ceremony, where both partners come together to make their Betrothal Drum; the heartbeat of their new life together.
  • The making of a drum by parents for their new born child to be heard for the first time at the child’s naming ceremony.
  • A drum is made to accompany the rites of the dead and to accompany the dead into the Lands of Bhas.
  • Drum making ceremonies to build teams and families.
  • The making of a personal drum to create a journey tool.

And drums can be ready made or specially ordered

Each drum is ‘blessed & enlivened’ in ancient ritual and comes with a personal ritual and offerings to ‘assign’ it to its eventual user.

The drums are designed by the elemental spirits of water in their markings and tied in a traditional way depicting the huntsman of the forest, in this way every drum is unique and each drum is marked with a red wolf.

Drums sticks are made from recycled resources and are assigned in ritual to a specific drum.

Drums are 14”diameter and 16” diameter, orders can be accepted for 12” drums for children or larger 18” & 20” drums.

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All parts that go into creating the drum are treated with honour, respect and gratitude.

A tithe from the cost of drums goes to support the Sagh’ic Community in India

Dark Wolf ready made drums can be purchased from DARK WOLF DRUMS at Etsy