Dance of Thirteen

The Sagh’ic are a lunar tradition, following a journey moons as told in the Ancestral Stories, being 13 lunar cycles in a lunar year. Thirteen, rather than being an unlucky number, thought by many, was, for the ancestors, a natural process of coming into and going out of; the nomadic cyclic journey of the ancestral tribe was thirteen lunar cycles, with each being marked in ceremony, which in themselves gave the tribe a time of appreciation and awareness of the movement of the grace of nature through and with them. With this appreciation and awareness, all action and enterprise were assigned variations of the 13-moon time cycle, or as better considered, the ancients surrendered to the carrying of life and process with and by the moon and her time scale reflected and seen in all of nature.

The journey of the soul into life was counted as 13 moons in length of time, as was the departure and journey of death. At 13 cycles of 13 moons (age 13), children were taken on their rites of passage into gender and adulthood. So much of natural cyclic life followed the turning and flow of the moon and the mystical time concept of 13.

We imagine that we are immersed in a great star filled ocean and that very move we make is held and supported by the waters around us. This series of trainings returns us to the memory of The One Ceremony, which we are part of.

Within this Dance are the following trainings:

The Thirteen Moons

The Thirteen Ancestors

The Thirteen Trees

The Thirteen Genders

The 13 Stands of Man (men’s group)

The 13 Stands of Woman (women’s group)

The 13 Flames: Fires of Birth & Candles of Death