Shamanic Intervention 2Life is a journey towards a chosen destiny; it is an experience to enrich ourselves, it is an intimate love affair between the stars and the Earth.

At times that journey from Star Fall to Star Rise gets caught up in externals around us; society, work, family, friendships, relationships, the environment, and events that we have no control over. These distractions and addictions, these dramas seduce our soul so that is strays from its destiny loses its voice and at time can get lost, fractured and disengaged.

At these times we find ourselves trapped in, what we believe we have to do and who we believe we have to be; we lose control of choices in our lives.

Then we forget our destiny, our dreams and our experience. We become afraid, lonely, confused, frustrated, angry, and sad. We lose sight of our journey and fall out of love with ourselves.  Unloved, we sabotage any form of love, though we long to be held, to be seen and to be heard.

Life is like a window, the glass is grubby and smeared, and we need to spend time at cleaning that glass. We struggle so long to find the right cleaner and in repeatedly polishing that glass. Only then can the glass be crystal clear and we can see through to the other side. At that moment we realise that the never was any glass at all!

It seems we get caught in looking into rather than looking through.

Each life is a sacred ceremony which comes to enrich and sanctify the world, when the ceremony is lost or forgotten, we ourselves lose or forget our sacredness.