The Thirteen Ancestors

We live in a moment of time and that moment of life exists by the serendipitous fortune of those who came before us; parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on back into the mists and dreams of history. The lines and generations of destiny expand to touch those we never knew and then collapse into the commonality of the first ones, those primal ancestors. This expanding and collapsing could be likened to breathing, and we the moment of that cosmic breath, ready to breathe and reach forward to the descendants yet to come.

It is said that in the beginning of all things, there were 13 Primal Ancestors; beginning with the primal ocean up to the primal mother & father, all of which were those essences of our creation and destiny.

This explorative journey, is to reach back and touch, be touched by the breath and songs of those 13, who we have forgotten, and yet as we breathe, they are in our soul’s memory.

As we breathe those memories, we breathe a greater spiritual awareness of becoming tuneful to the world as family and relations, all around us.

Within this journey will be a default of connecting to our ancestral lines, in which we will find acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.

This is a 15 module ‘journey’, one of preparation, thirteen to engage with The Ancestors who fell from the stars, and finally a module to reconnect to that ancestor who is present with each of us.