Shamanic Intervention

Shamanic Process 1

Shamanic Process is an integral, relational and inclusive way of living, and by that definition, of, by and with the spirits and not religious. We live in a holographic universe in which we are connected and interconnected at pan-dimensional levels, the Shamanic life is one by which we appreciate, relate and journey at those levels.

The Shamanic ritual can be considered a metaphor for psychological process, and yet at a deeper and more profound level it is the sacramental expression of the meta-physical and soul connection. The Ritual becomes the final act of surrender to the work of and relationship to our spirit ancestry.

We incarnate and take our physical form and we use this form to experience the joy and pain of the world and to fulfil a chosen destiny. This incarnation remains linked and united to our spiritual being and origin.

At times our incarnate selves ‘loses the plot’ and becomes distracted or lost and our spiritual connection gets ‘interference’ or becomes ‘disconnected’.  This ‘disconnection’ can be a result of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. Our soul being fractures and those fractured parts or essences, disaffiliate, becoming lost or exiled from us.

At this point our lives can become seemingly pointless or without direction and we wander from physical experience to physical experience searching for connection and meaning. And all the while our spirit, our soul is calling and searching for us, yearning for return.

And such is the microcosm of our hunger and thirst for the Divine. Reconnection and witness to our sacramental truth is the essence of Shamanic Process.

Above all the true essence of Shamanic Process is the surrendering to the guidance of the spirits and to our primal soul plan – The Great Song. In reconnection, remembering and re-listening to The Song, “….that which is missing is returned and that which is intruding is removed.”

To surrender is to fall in love. In the Shamanic Ritual we remember to fall in love with ourselves and our destiny anew; our song opens us to the dance of life.

The process may include some of the following rituals & ceremonies in this process:

Soul Restoration & remember-ment – reconnection to that which is lost & exiled (soul retrieval)

Past life regression & Alignment – linking to the ‘un-done’ in our spiritual history

De-possession – redemption of primal wounds

Dis-armouring – breaking free from useless barriers

Medicine touch – spirit healing

Vision Quest – re-connecting to our spiritual guides and our spiritual destiny

Extraction – identification and removal of soul intrusions

Exorcism of memory ghosts – consoling and completing the unresolved

Dis-possession, & Depossession – removing attachments to us and by us

Sin Eating & Soul Devouring – redeeming the dead

Katabah – Male blood ritual

House Clearing & Stabilising

Curse Unravelling – removal of ancestral curses

Shamanic work is undertaken under the teachings and rites of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; Wolven Path Tradition and is regulated by the Laws & Principles of that Lineage.