Song of Life

In the First Time each and every being descended from the Ancestral Stars to take their place in the harmony of the Great Forest we call the Earth.


In that descent the Soul reaches for the Earth who creates the perfect vessel to hold it. That vessel and that song come together as an intimate song of love which is to be their life’s destiny. This Song is the guidance of their journey from Star Fall to Star Rise. This is the magic we are born to.

Sometimes that song gets lost or fractured and the journey to our chosen expression, destiny and fulfilment of Self, can get caught up in the needs, fears and desires of our mind, our body and our feelings; and in their reactions to the needs, fears and desires of the others around us. Here we get trapped in who we believe we have to be and in what we feel we have to do, in order to be part of the world.

We forget our destiny and abandon our choice, and we lose the vision of who we were meant to be, to whom we have to be. And then we become afraid and we feel alone.  The fear and loneliness cause us pain, anger and deep sadness. We become a victim to life rather than a warrioHome page 1r for life.

We lose our soul, we forget our song, we are dismembered from that intimacy.

Our spiritual process touches, and is touched by the spiritual process of others, the lost song, the songs echoed in each other and the Ancestral Stars. In this way we are never alone; we just forget.

“…..we are in and are a state of, and a presence of grace.
Grace is the breath of the divine; the spirits; the ancestors present in that breath, that wind, that flapping of wings. It is not a blessing or gift we give another, rather it is a state we invite others into. Grace is the personal relationship between us and the Great One, The Dreamweaver, The Teller of The Story, by whatever name we chose to call that which is more than us.2015-05-05 12.33.30
Everything we do in that state is an outward expression of that state of divine communion. We are that state, that dream, that journey which out of love and surrender, we expand outwards, that others may come and journey in us. This is true ceremony.
The intensity of the intimacy is its power, strength and love. And with such love comes sacrifice and suffering in such profound service; to be the dream and journey of another whatever and however that dream might manifest, such is the gift we receive not give. It is this intimacy of service that gives us life, without this sacramental service for one another, we as the dead……”: