Training & Apprenticeship




With the current state of the world and our need to keep ourselves and others safe, and in that spirit, contact trainings are ‘on hold’.

On offer are a limited variety of learning possibilities for those seeking guidance through Ancestral & Spiritual  wisdom, and for those seeking a deeper commitment of study, via online means.

These already include living with an animist ceremonial life, a deeper practitioner training/apprenticeship and a select number of the trainings within the 13 Dance series, and some of these available through the Bangalore Sagh’ic Foundation.

In time short ‘contact’ workshops are ready to be undertaken. These will begin with Spirit Drum making workshops, Firewalk Tenders training, and additional courses and workshops from the 13 Dance series, and eventually deeper work into Animist Practice and Animist Priestly roles.

If any would be interested in ‘training’ and learning, please email me with your contact details.