Breath of Fire

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Practitioner (Pathfinder) Apprenticeship

Ceann-Iuíl; Pathfinders – animist priestly warriors and healers, walk in the shadow places and as warriors fight the ghosts that haunt the destiny of the soul. Ceann-Iuíl live in appreciation of their part in the yearning of remembering.

It is through their flames of passion that they illuminate the path for others. But to be such a bright and fierce fire, Ceann-Iuíl set their souls and hearts aflame; this is their willing sacrifice.

Apprentices will work towards developing the sacred skills and knowledge underpinned by the personal soul awareness. It will be on this which is founded their Ancestral & Spiritual interaction, service and relationships. This path is such that we become the dreamers for others; that with the flames of our own hearts, we will see in the darkness without fear, but with love; we come to reach out to the world whose soul hungers, thirsts and begs.

Initiation is the taking of the Blue Robe, an immersion into the eternal river Avon Gorm, the river of sapphire stars. Initiation is more than just a change, rather it is a gathering of nourishment for others. Initiation is the beginning of a surrendering to be of service to the moment of the world that calls to us.

St Francis said, “That once having spoken to God, it is our duty to return from the sacred mountain and tell others what he said.”

This journey of deep wisdom and practice will be somewhat like a flowing river, touching and gathering theory, skill and practice, climbing the mountain of mystery, surrender and sufferance.

The main focus of this journey of study is that from the immersion into animist living and spiritual practice, the student can appreciate their role as healer and spiritual warrior priest.

An overview of the course is the 13 Modules/Pathways:

  1. Basic cosmological introduction
    • Mora oa Croen – the Great Song
    • The weave & tapestry of the cosmology
    • Animist concepts
    • Personal soul song
    • Guides
  2. Prayer Trance & ceremony
    • Mechanics, Dance & Surrender of Ceremony
    • Prayer, Trance & Soujourn
    • States of consciousness
    • Altered states
  3. Elemental Integration
    • 5 elements
    • 5 transitory elements
    • Concept of the directions
  4. 13 Moons
    • Deepening of cosmology
    • Living a ceremonial life
  5. An’N (soul) definition and intervention
    • 4 modes of healing
    • Concept of healing
    • Birth & Death
  6. Self-awareness and spiritual practice
    • Spiritual Intimacy
    • Historical wounds
    • Forgiveness & Sacrifice
  7. Cross cultural interventions & gender
    • Fluidity of gender
    • 13 Genders
    • Integration of cross cultural spirituality
    • Working with other spiritual pathways
  8. Beneficence & Malevolence
    • Curses & Valency
    • Tulpa
    • Attachment
  9. Possession
    • Shadows, ghosts, demons
    • Tutelary possession
    • ‘Sin’ Eating
    • Plant Spirits
  10. Quantum presence
    • Alternative lives
  11. Blue River
    • 13 Ancestors
    • Ancestral Binding
  12. The Warrior Priest
    • Transitions
    • Chaplaincy
    • Diversity
  13. Preparation for and Initiation
    • Katabasis
    • The Wild Heart

In current the climate of Covid, this ‘learning’ is offered via on-line means, offering a monthly class, tutorial sessions, case studies, guided practicum, mentors and a personal process group.

The modules run in order, run in tandem, and at times overlap – this is a very fluid and organic training. Each module, which will relate to other modules, contains and covers specific subjects to be learnt/understood, applied and practiced.

Animism in its truest sense is a simple definition – ‘everything has breath’. Breath is song; everything sings, and Song is the intimate relationship of spirit. Fire is the element of change and renewal, being the vehicle of grace for this relationship. Breath of Fire is the transport of such grace for students and those they will be in and of service too.

To live an animist spirit life, in which we are all equal collaborators in this journey of life is to be in relationship and to be relationship with the moment, which will be to understand that one song.

To be an Animist Practitioner, Healer, Seer etc, for us they are called Pathfinders, we study to become or rather remember that we are that relationship, which will be to bring and breathe that song, that fire into and for the other.