Ceann-Iuil printíseach; Pathfinder On-Line Apprenticeship

slide 8Ceann-Iuil printíseach;
Pathfinder On-Line Apprenticeship

Ceann-Iuíl; Pathfinders – animist priestly warriors and healers, walk in the shadow places and as warriors fight the ghosts that haunt the destiny of the soul. Ceann-Iuíl live in appreciation of their part in the yearning of remembering.

It is through their flames of passion that they illuminate the path for others. But to be such a bright and fierce fire, Ceann-Iuíl set their souls and hearts aflame; this is their willing sacrifice.

Apprentices will work towards developing the sacred skills and knowledge underpinned by the personal soul awareness discovered in earth & Stars. It will be on this which is founded their Ancestral & Spiritual interaction, service and relationships. This path is such that we become the dreamers for others; that with the flames of our own hearts, we will see in the darkness without fear, but with love.

Initiation is the taking of the Blue Robe, an immersion into the eternal river Avon Gorm, the river of sapphire stars.

St Francis said, “That once having spoken to God, it is our duty to return from the sacred mountain and tell others what he said.”

Initiation is more than just a change, rather it is a gathering of nourishment for others.

This journey of deep wisdom and practice will be somewhat like a flowing river, touching and gathering theory, skill and practice, developing ourselves to be Ceann-Iuil; animist practitioners, priests and healers.

It opens optional pathways too further Roles specifically for Animist Ministry, Women, Men and Working with the Dead.

Pathfinder Printíseach Modules

Reconnection of disparate soul
Mark of Service

The conduction of souls

Ritual & Ceremony
The theory and practice of creating Ritual, Prayer & Ceremony

Quantum Lives
Healing alternatives life systems
The 4 Rivers
Gender Dance

Ancestral Binding
Curses of ancestry

Thurais an Roth – The Great Journey
Totemic Beasts

Extraction & De-possession
Haunting, poltergeist, exorcism, demons


The Nine Titles
The roles and duties of the Pathfinder
Vows of office
Keepers of the Dead

The Staff and The Bundle
Sacred tools
Sacred presence

Voluntary & Tutelary Possession
Shepherdess & Reindeer
Plant Spirits of the Sagh’ic

Vision Questing

Initiation surrender

Printíseach will require journaling and record keeping of practicum work, as well as cooperative group work and application of public ritual/ceremony.

On successful completion Initiands will undertake a public Initiation ceremony. Due to the current world state, this will be a goal we all work towards in the safest and most practical way. The next Initiation/Ordination ceremony is scheduled to be held in Bangalore, India.

Currently I am seeking 3-4 students, specifically from the UK, Europe, although if there is an obvious calling, applicants will be considered worldwide. Students should be able to work with Google groups. Please contact me to see if this training is for you.