The Thirteen Trees

In the Sagh’ic Saga of the ‘Bones of Fear’, the story of the death of the first man, there is reference to his son, carrying his bones in journey from the mundane world to the Mountain of his ancestors through the Grove of the 13 Sacred Trees that encircle the Great Tree of the world; The Great Song;

This journey, of 15 days, is a quest of an ancestral spirituality just beyond our reach.

Through Journey, personal quest and ritual, we reach for the mountain of our sacred heart.

It is a journey of life and death, surrender and forgiveness.

The Journey through and around The Grove is a testing of that heart. For the Sagh’ic the Heart is the forge and hearth of the Fire of the Stars. That fire needs tending and nourishing, so it can be the hearth that gathers and draws us home, and the forge that transforms and hones us to bear that journey.

The son rests under each tree as he carries the bones of his father to his ancestral home. The journey is a testing of the sacredness of life and death as we are carried by and carry these.

In this Journey we take time to find rest beneath the shade of the trees, taking the ‘wood heart’ of each resting tree, to fuel the fire in our own hearts.

The Sacredness of the Heart is that so fuelled, its fire burns not just for us, rather for those that gather about it.

The online Course is made up of 15 days (one a month)