People of Prayer


people of prayer 1There are those who are transports of prayer; these are the bridges that carries prayer to the other; priests, shaman, elders, ministers, mystics, relatives, friends, strangers.

For us we are a living, breathing, singing, dancing act of prayer.

Prayer is the outward manifestation of an inner awareness of intimate passion and love with God.

Our presence must be this prayer into which others can come and be carried to the other.

The Earth sang and the stars answered, the meeting of those songs is an act of this intimate love and that meeting place is the life of each of us, for we are that love affair, we are that prayer.

When others ask us to pray for them, we cannot, however we hold them close, in word, song, dance, feeding, touch as the means by which they are immersed in prayer; it is not so much as saying “Let us pray.’ rather it is “Let us be prayer.”

In this way we never ask for anything, rather we know love and that love embraces rather than needing to be embraced.

Our lives are prayer, in everything we do, chop onions, drive cars, type on computers, hold someone’s hand, pour a cup of soup for one who is hungry; sure the soup will be good, but in our Soup Tent experience, no one mentions the soup, they do however say how good they feel, how accepted they feel, how much love surrounds them – every time!

And yet in all we do as prayer, we need to take that time of generosity and be still and silent to be in love with god and let god be in love with us; just a moment, just a sip of soul soup.

To do the work of prayer and healing, we need to develop a spiritual practice daily, which is selfish and jealous of time and space, stillness and silence between god and me.

Without this, everything else is empty, our spirit work is based and derived from our need and serves only this.

In every prayer there is a yearning to be heard, true are human child nature wants the listener to answer, however true prayer is about the yearning, the desire that is heard by our own souls, and then when we hear and not before, god asks if we heard and how will we answer.

Every prayer is not a check in with god; it is a check in with everything, which the Creator gave us, and their check in with us as to how we will use that.

From this human child nature our prayers tend to be petitionary to a ‘greater’ than us who will take grown up responsibility or will be the one to blame when that child does not get as they asked or when the world is not how that child wants it, or worse when that child is shown they are not a child.

people of prayer 2Our Father – not my, but our, the original translation was ‘parent’, as in the one who is love.
Give us today bread; again a collective us, we pray for all and just for this moment and the hunger is the fear of being alone in the next moment.
Forgive us; we take responsibility, I take collective responsibility.
As we forgive others; for we too are responsible for everyone
Keep us from temptation; we are afraid of taking the easy route
Deliver us from evil; we are afraid of not being free.

We speak and pray a great deal about freedom. Freedom is something like a sacrifice, freedom has a responsibility, and freedom has a price. What we think of as freedom is to have no block to what we want or need. In that very energy we ask or demand or not even realise that another must give up their need or want. Freedom tends to be compromise on or of someone else.

What we forget is that freedom is a prayer!

The word ‘free’ comes from an ancient route, which means to act lovingly, to woo, and to share love.

Being free is to share lovingly what we have.


Prayer is the joy of shared responsibility, it is the only true freedom we have.

People of prayer are servants of the other.