Guthanna na BHiotáille

Voices of Spirit


Musings between the world of dreaming, the mundane and the world of our Ancestors

A personal reflection of the interactions and interventions by and with

The Ancestral Spirits, The Ancient Ones and the Walkers on the Earth.


Stone Wood & Bone

Who needs Healing?

Walking in the Darkness

My Weather is better than your Weather

The Faery & the Superhero

The First Fear

The Fatherless Boy

Loss of the female in spirituality

The Warrior Eye

Tulpa Manifestation

Loneliness of the Soul

Genders of spirit

Ceremony & Innocence

Shamanic Duty

Whose Blood

End of The World

Shamanic Diagnosis

Coisrig; Anointing

The Life That’s Left

People of Prayer

The Sandcastle

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