Gallain an Domhain; Standers of the Earth

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Gallain an Domhain; Standers of the Earth

Earth Standers are the practical builders and keepers of ‘the hut’ of the Tradition and as such take responsibility for the maintenance of containment, and all that ensure that containment.

They are equally the vanguards of network and communication and the carriers to completion and resolution.

The Earth Standers bring to focus the sacred presence of the first Mother the first daughter of creation and the cradle and bier of all Her children; And as such to the hold the path of inevitability and surrender for the community.

Earth Standers, Guardians and companions of Máthair Tei, Mother Earth were they that worked with all the elementals of the Earth, preparing land before it was worked; marking sacred space for ceremonies and distributors of food. As Hearth keepers they held the boundaries of gatherings and they worked with Water Bearers in funerary rituals. Their Totem was Art the Bear.

The Earth Standers hold the pathways for the Descendants and for the Dead.

The Earth Standers open all to the sacred moment of stillness, silence and expectation of spirit.

It is the Earth Standers who brings this point of focus into being and maintains it in service.

It is the Mother Spirit who holds, tends, nurtures and unites all the family into the moment of power. She is the bridge to and from the Ancestors and Descendants.

Within the Tradition, the Earth Mother is called Máthair Tei, as such Earth Stander are watchers and warriors of the environment.

Earth is both the vessel of life and death, and is therefore worthy of great honour and respect; she is the hand and breast that feeds and nourishes.

Induction Training Module (1 weekend)

The 4 Earths
Boundaries, barriers and defense
Bees, Honey & Mead
The Bone Mother
Shrine tending
Daily Vigil
Mark of Service