Domhan agus Réaltaí; Earth & Stars


Earth to Stars is in a greater sense a foundation journey into both the concept of animist spirituality and the basic cosmology of the Sagh’ic Tradition.

At its heart is a personal unfolding journey, perhaps even a quest, to re-animate that soul song within.

Whereas in itself Earth to Stars does not create a Practitioner, it does manifest a soul who is more in relationship to itself and the world around it. In this manifestation the one who journeys (the student) may come to realize their deeper desire to be of service to others.

Earth to Stars may be undertaken foremost and only as a personal spiritual journey for self healing and awareness without any further obligation to take any further steps.

Earth & Stars is made up of 13 weekend modules.

There are in addition 5 vocational modules, should the student so desire, to undertake a deeper commitment to the Elemental Guardianships


Earth & Stars Modules

The Journey & Guides

Understanding the principles & practice of otherworld journeying
Connecting to and working with guides

5 levels of Consciousness

Understanding and working with and in all states of consciousness
Deepening the journey practiceCosmological messengers
The concept of ‘healing’

The First Story

Introduction to Sagh’ic cosmology
Awareness of soul forgetfulness
Journey to the healing of soul forgetfulness

Mora oa Croen – the Great Song

The weave & tapestry of the cosmology
Animist concepts
Personal soul songThe concept of prayer

The Elemental wheel

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark
Tribal interactions
 within the Tribal Community

Masks & Shadows

Exorcising personal fears
Relational process

Soul Doll

Relationship with self
Healing personal wounding

Dark Arrows

Confronting historical wounds

The Fetish

Forgiveness and sacrifice


VulnerabilitySoul protection


The quest of the hero/heroine

The Wild Heart

Hunting the lost primal soul
Finding and celebrating the Wild Heart

 Seanachais soul – storytelling

Speaking the song and the story of the soul
The Fairy Story 

Tribal Induction Ceremony

Coming home

Earth & Stars will require personal work, journaling and group ceremony and feedback.

On completion of Earth & Stars, there will be the option to continue to Thabhairt suas chun Seirbhís (Surrender to Service) and its journeys and quests.