Siúlóirí ar an Ghaoth; Walkers on the Wind

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Siúlóirí ar an Ghaoth; Walkers on the Wind

The essence is of the Wind is story and song; the wind is the breath of the Ancestors and moves to bring ensoulment to creation; animation.

The Walkers of the Winds, dedicated to Bran, who sees both the past and the future in one sight. Therefore the Walkers on the Winds not only hold and tell the sacred stories and songs, but ensure the application of forethought through divination and oracles, the calling of the ancient ones and the sending of souls to the stars.

The Wind carries and guides and The Walkers accompany that song – they walk with Gaoth, the horse of the Winds, the colours (rainbow), the Wind Armies, and the song of the Ancestors.

The Walkers on the Wind are the heralds of ceremony. it is their breath often in whistling, that the elemental spirits and ceremony participants are called to the sacred moment of ritual.

The Walkers on the Wind in their relationship to the Cosmic Spider take duty in the awareness of pairs, reflections and twins (twin souled).

The additional excitement for me is that Wind Walkers was an ancient term for werewolves!

Induction Training Module (1 weekend)

The three state of Air
The four Winds
The Warriors of the Wind
Song & Story
The Horse of the Wind
The Twin Spider
Daily Vigil
Mark of Service