Caomhnóirí an Tinne; Keepers of the Fires


Caomhnóirí an Tinne; Keepers of the Fires

In the Time Before Time, Seanamhair Cuan sang her lamentation into the Void; Celi The One Above heard her song and sent Fear Tintreach; The Lightning to open her. In that moment of passion The Earth & Stars were born. In the passing of time Mathair Tei the Earth as her mother did sing that same song to the Stars and they too sent their wild wind of their fiery song into her heart.

In Time to come Gar would open his heart and bring the Fire to Cear-lin who would gather the kin of the forest around his flame.

By that ancient Lineage, Caomhnóirí an Tinne; the Guardians of The Fire, Keepers of Aithar Aodh come together in the telling and practice of their calling, tending and service to the First Ancestor, under the totemic guidance of Damh the Solar Stag of Lonn Lasail.

Keeping the Sacred Fire is a great responsibility.

The Firekeeper holds the beacon for the community as well as holding the space for the Fire Spirit.

The Fire is the Sacred Beacon where all spirits commune; where the family draw close to be with ancestor and descendants; where in the cold of the night we are enlivened and brought to sight.

It is the Firekeeper who brings this point of focus into being and maintains it in service.

Induction Training Module (1 weekend)

The three States of Fire
The Sacred Woods
Hearth & Heart
Fire & Blood
Fire safety
The Fire within
The Daily Vigil
The mark of Service