Coimeádaithe an Oíche; Keepers of The Night

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Coimeádaithe an Oíche; Keepers of The Night
Sometimes called Watchers in The Night

In the journey through the night, the Ancient Watchers and Guards of the Tribal camp sang their song, calling to their Ancient Ones.

“Those before and those to come, From the Beginning to the End, Mystery of my soul, protect me from the arrow that flies by night, keep me from the pestilence that walks by day, shield me from the clamor that drowns my song and lift me from the turmoil that hides my dance; By my vigilance none will pass.”

Historically they would have been the camp guards and sentries, the role developed into a guarding against the shadows, ghosts and demons that walked within the darkness.

The dark and the Night were sacred to the ancient Ones, these were the energies of birth and incarnation, the void from which wisdom and light sprang.

The Keepers of the Night hold a sacred guarding and holding of the tribes fear; keeping with and against the shadows of the night; as such the role not for the faint hearted!

The Keepers of The Night are dedicated to Grroh Goh, the Wilden Beast, and adopted son of the First Man. They are charged with the defense and tribal safety against the shadows and that which stalk within those shadows; they are defenders of curses and demons. They are the watch against the night. At the same time they bring the sacredness of the Dark to its rightful place of healing.

The keepers of the Night are the Guards between the shadows of the Night and the encampment of the Tribe as well as the ushers and directors of the shadows whilst sacred work or ceremony is underway.

They are the holders of shadows whilst the Tribe sings and dances.


Induction Training Module (1 weekend)

The three states of the Dark
Song of the dying
Shadow holding
Demons, ghosts, poltergeist
The 3 Fears
Nightly Vigil
Mark of Service