Aoghair Aireacht; Animist Ministry study


Aoghair, ‘the one who gathers’, are the licenced and registered ministerial representatives of the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery and have the same rights as any nominated clergy of other denominational/religious organisations, including the right to perform legal marriage ceremonies, conduct funerals, undertake chaplaincy duties and other such duties undertaken by religious representatives of any other tradition or church.

Aoghair Aireacht is a 13 module journey of study as the role of the Animist Minister within a secular society predominated by theist religions.

Animism suggests that all of creation are not simply imbued with spirit, rather they are the physical manifestation of Spirit in its variance and diversity of quality and guidance.

Totemic Animism further suggests that despite this variance and diversity, the spirits have a common goal and purpose.

This path of study has therefore to not simply grasp that concept, it has to be part of it.

Study reflects and develops an awareness of the underpinning cosmology of the Sagh’ic, using the threads and principles of that cosmology to guide and demonstrate that commonality.

This stage of study follows successful completion of ‘Domhan agus Réaltaí’ (Earth & Stars).

At a deep level students understand and demonstrate;

  • An awareness of the ceremonies and the core stories that underpin them
  • The ethical and challenging practice of pastoral care
  • The legal and practical responsibilities of the licence
  • Understanding the procedures of record keeping, registration and documentation of ceremonies
  • The diversity of union in animist tradition
  • Funerary rites and their histories in animism
  • The nature of Chaplaincy
  • Transition rites in Animistic societies
  • Gender in Totemic Animism
  • The spiritual thoroughfare and nature of the Aoghair
  • Pastoral Ministry and Guidance
  • Non human ministry
  • Ethics & Confidentiality
  • The Aoghair and the Community

On satisfactory completion and demonstration of practical and spiritual competence, the Minister Licence is granted by the SCGMSS, though the Aoghair is designated as a Sagh’ic Minister, and is registered under the appropriate federal offices of the governing area.

There is an additional module within this training journey, of the Keepers of the Dead