Sealgarí Anam; Soul Hunters

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This Band of Hunters as the heart of all men of The Tribe, are charged to respond to the call of the soul of our Clan and to track the lost, find them, and bring them home.

This Band of Hunters is also charged with being ever watchful for the Shadows Stalkers that lurk to divide and starve the Tribe from its Journey and in this they must love The Tribe.

The Hunters undertake annual 3 hunts to replenish, defend, and to prepare the tribal (community) journey into the coming seasons. These are taken in response to the Gatherers Seal-Fathr.
The Hunters also upon the call of the Gatherers take the ‘young’ on Katabah to support them hunt their gender.
The Cnámh Fola is the primal male trancing ceremony that re-infuses the tribe with male fire, most often undertaken to initiate new Hunters following their Hero Quest.

Induction Training module (1 weekend)

The 3 primal Fathers
The 3 totemic Fathers
The Nine stands of The Man
Soul Hunting
Major and minor Hunts
Cnámh Fola – Blood Bone trance
Hero’s Quest
The Skirmish
The Daily Vigil
The Cast Mark