Ordú ar an fFach dubh Marbh; Keepers of The Dead


Ordú ar an fFach dubh Marbh; Keepers of The Dead

 The Order of The Raven Dead, dedicated to Arrnwath, are the watchers of the dead and their journeys, keeners, sin eaters, lamenters, bone carriers and assist in the funerary rites.

The Keepers of the Dead are Companions of Arrnwath Guardian of the Dead, Mear Dao-ean The Ghost Mother, Danuthair The Robin, carrier of the dead and Sealachais Glos The Green Stag the spirit of resistant death and the white hound Cu.

The Order of the Dead Raven are in service of the dead through the Aoghair and the Elders.

This guardianship tends both the dying and the dead, they are a necessary assistant to the Aoghair in the administration of the Rites of The Dead and vigil keepers of funerals.

Every moment of life is a note of the great song which is sung to maintain creation and the journey home; for us there is no meaningless death as in one sense we do not differentiate between life and death.

Induction Training Module (1 weekend)

 The three lands of the dead
The Sailor of Bhás (soul ushering)
Grief & Bereavement
Sitting with the dead
Sin eating
Nightly Vigil
The Mark of Service