The Three Journeys

wheel of seasons

Ceann-Iuíl ;The Pathfinder of The Tradition holds the centre point that Serene, Silent & Still in the heart of chaos

This is more than a training; rather a sacred instruction on a way of being: being with others, being with the Divine, and a greater fear of all, being with ourselves.

An apprenticeship is a course, a journey of observation and practice alongside others who have taken the journey and returned home to share the path ahead with others., The Three Journeys could be taken as a soul quest, yet in truth it is a remembering of a soul destiny of something that has always been so and just forgotten in the various distractions of incarnation.

It is a testing of that dormant destiny waiting to waken.

The Apprenticeship of the Three Journeys is a tricyclic passing of three soul stages;

The ultimate destination of the Journeys is to arrive at Riarachadh (Sharing); The Stand of Service.

WPT logoThe Apprenticeship of The Three Journeys follows and arises from the Tradition of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; its sagas, songs, rites and ceremonies.

The course is holy soul work, and the soul is a fragment of the Universal Divine, so can you work and be with others, through pain, anger and joy? Can you be visible in your own vulnerability?

Can you listen to the Divine Silence without speaking?

Can you remain silent even though you think you know the answer?

Can you offer your pain to illuminate the world for others?

Can you bear the battle to become the warrior, whose wounds will heal others?

Can you admit, honestly, to being needed?

This is not the path of sainthood but is the footsteps of angels.

‘The only way to find the path, is to set fire to my own life’ Rabindranath Tagore

Basic practical precepts

The Apprenticeship of The Three Journeys processes over two and one half lunar years (33 months).

The Apprenticeship of The Three Journeys is a group and communal undertaking, and will require interactions and practicums with the Sagh’ic and other Communities.

This course requires that you have some command of the English language.

You will need access to a computer and the internet, in order to interact on the online student Forum and for some assignments.

You will need to show an appreciation of  Human Rights, Respect for the Earth and Human Diversity;

Apprentices will be asked to undertake sacred contract with their teacher and the Ancestors, which will identify fees, attendance, practicums, interactions etc.

Ad-Annai; the first year is a foundation year of self healing and can be undertaken as a stand alone course as a training to be in relationship with ourselves.

Lasrachail; The second year is a year of learning and practice of the skills and craft in line with a Soul Intervener Practitioner and can be taken after the foundation year with out the need to progress into the Initiand year.

Tul; The final Initiand Journey is only offered to those seeking Initiation and is a deeper training into the Sagh’ic Tradition and mastery of the Pathfinding craft, and the immersion into an intimate relationship with the ancestral spirits.

Apprentices are encouraged and may be asked to demonstrate an interactive commitment to the Sagh’ic community through the attendance of community ceremonies and gatherings

Post Initiation there is an additional attendance once a quarter at Blue Circle Gatherings for continuing learning and group practice

Once registered on the training, Apprentices are encouraged to register with the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery  Society, this registration is free for the first year. As such Apprentices will have access to the Community on-Line Forums and various discounts of events.

Initiated Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinders may have the opportunity to undertake modules to train and register as licensed Aoghair (animist clergy) with all the legal rights and duties of other ‘religious’ clergy as it pertains to weddings, funerals, hospital visiting etc.

Apprentices who do not meet all the assignments, practicum and do not demonstrate community/network will not be invited to Initiation.

This course may be unsuitable for those who cannot show a minimum of two years ‘clean’ from any addiction, and for those who have suffered major trauma or loss. This is not a prohibition, rather a preparation for the work. Please discuss this for your own wellbeing.

Apprentices will work towards developing the sacred skills and knowledge on which to found their Spirit interaction, service and relationships. This will require self exploration and self healing. It is the hope and wish that all Training Apprentices become the dreamers for others; that with the flames of their own hearts, they will see in the darkness without fear, but with love.

Study Notes, and resources for tool making (drums etc) will be provided, as well as Apprentice robes and Initiation robes

Though The Sagh’ic considered gender a spiritual gift and have traditionally 11 genders, and that the Ceann-Iuil were, as spirit orientated practitioners and gender variant in their practice,

For further details and fees contact John-Luke

There can be an availability for Men only and Twin Spirit/Gay specific groups.

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