Ad-Annai (Kindling); The Journey of Wounds


‘My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that;
and I intend to end up there’

Affliction – Suffering – Separation
Focus on the Element EARTH

In this first Journey it is as if we stand at the foot of a great mountain. We are called to ascend the path that leads upwards. We see the ultimate peak and are filled with the conflict of excitement and doubt. To begin these first steps we face those doubts and fears as we open to the awareness of the challenges ahead. In this our wounds and shadows test our endurance and commitment. It is these first steps that will underpin our practice of service in the times to come when we, knowing the demons of our wounds, shadows and doubts, can sit with those in others as we support their battle with those demons.

The Ad-annai phase/year is considered a foundation for the Apprenticeship, whilst foremost it a journey of self-healing and awareness. Ad-annai can be undertaken solely as a journey of self-exploration and the letting go of shadows and healing the wounds of the soul without any further obligation to undertake further journeys into the apprenticeship.

These first steps; The Journey of Wounds covers the following theories and practices-

Ego Self & Soul Self
Spiritual use of Metaphor
Otherworld Journeying
Spiritual & Psychological Sub Personalities
Spiritual Incarnation
Holographic Universe – Tei Sarna
The Spirit Guide
Soul Identity
The Centered Place
The Sacred Place
The importance of Ritual & Ceremony in daily life
The Wounded Healer
The Wild Heart – our true nature forgotten
Shadow work – 3 Fears; walking the knife edge
Ghosts in the Forest – exorcising the wraiths of our wounds
Dis-identification and the true self
The Faery Tale of Self; accepting the hero/heroine within
Masks that rule; putting down the expectations of others
Essences of the Spiritual Archetype; our journey of destiny
Listening and attending without the agenda of history
The Soul Doll
Will and Love

Sacred Tool Making (Apprentices will make)
Journey Drum
Silven Bough

Sagh’ic Cosmology 1
Oral tradition;
– First Song; creation
– The Great Journey; underpinning the journey of life and first concept of the Sagh’ic ‘medicine’ wheel’

Extra curriculum
– Soul Wounding Arrows of darkness and light