Spirud Aer-iach’


Twin Spirited Ceann-Iuil Apprenticeship

The weave of the genders for the Sagh’ic was and is their comfort in the knowledge that the spirits walked with them, guided them and held them safe to the point when all individuality ceased.

Our Ancestors saw gender as the flow of and with the spirit, with the flows of the elemental world come together in each human as divine given teacher (and friction) to facilitate and maintain the journey of the tribe; they did not identify a gender per se, rather the gift that would bring value, movement and new wisdom to the tribe. That spirit sent gift created from the coming together in spirit intimacy and ecstasy with the same passion that rose up from the earth, came because the soul of the had called for this particular need.

In the Ancient world the ‘shaman’ or spirit worker, the mystic, the magician, the seer, the worker of wonders, held these crafts and arts by virtue of the ‘twin spiritedness’, their holding of the male and female qualities of the Great and Ancient Ones in one body.

Spirud Aer-iach is an apprenticeship for the rememberment of the Ceann-Iuil, which follows the traditional curriculum, of the Three Journeys, yet its course, wisdom and study will embrace the craft through and by the ancient honouring of the sacred incarnation of the twin spirited as the worker of magic.

In the Weave of the Tradition there is no man or woman definition, merely containers for the flowing river or the looms for the tapestry; the gay Ceann-Iuil is an overflowing container to quench the lost soul, an abundant woven tapestry to tell the stories to the fearful; both a comfort to forgotten.

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