Tul (Smooring); The Journey of Sacrifices


“In this world of infinite possibility, I look for the second step of desire – All I see is one footprint”

Focus on AIR – Boundaries & containment – Direction & application

At the peak of the mountain, for one moment we lookup and see the stars; one moment of peace, one moment of achievement until the moment we know in our hearts that we are once again at the base of the mountain. This time we are that winding path that spirals and clings to the sides of the cliffs. Our journeys become the paths that others will walk upon, our fire held deep in the hearth of our hearts ready to be the forge that others will test and hone the metal of their souls and journeys.
This setting down, the journey of sacrifices gathers us in these crafts –

Mora-oa-croen; The Great Song
Shape shifting
– Trance work
– Spiritual vessels (voluntary possession)
– Tutelary possession
Gender variance
-11 Genders of the Sagh’ic
Vision Smoke
– Sagh’ic Plant Spirits
Star Seeds
– GGnae – The Ancient Ones
Dream work
Group work
Spiritual dismemberment and rememberment
The concept of Mysticism
Mystical Experience
Darkness & Silence
The concept of Evil & Sin
– The Shadow Guide,
Demons & Shadow Beings
– Exorcism
– Ancestral Demonic cursing
– Elemental curses (Mara)
– Tulpa Manifestation
Curse Unbinding
– Warrior Eye
– Sigil
Male & Female spirit work; Arrnwath & Mear Dao-ean; Fire & Water (Moon)
Spiritual armoury
The Nine Traditional Titles
Sacrifice, Service and Love
The Ceann-Iuil name
The Pathfinder oath
– Avon Dorm; The sapphire river
Pathfinder Presence
Wild & Tame. Innocence & Fear
Initiation Questing
Blood Journeys

Sacred Tool Making (Apprentices will make)
Pathfinder Staff
Ancestral Spirit Bundles

Sagh’ic Cosmology 3
The 8 Lands
The Solar Hunt
The Ghost Mother
The Huntsman of the Dead