Warriors of Arrnwath


“In the roaring Thunder and the blinding Lightning, the Song of The Man, turns the waters and sunders the stone, and then in gentle flame and curling smoke waits to roar again”

Men’s Apprenticeship Path

The Sagh’ic say that The Great Ocean called and Fear Tintreach, the Lightning came. It was he, the Lightning that seeded the Ocean birthing the Earth and Stars. The Lightning dwelt in the heart of the Earth, and when called again came as The Green Huntsman and Guardian of the Dead, Arrnwath, and he becomes the father of Grroh Goh, The Wilden One, father of Gar the Hunter, who in turn becomes the father of all men. And so it is that the sagas of the Sagh’ic tell that the Three Mothers, The Ocean, The Earth and The Forest call each man, sons of the Wild, the Hunt, the Dead and the Fire.

The Warriors of Arrnwath follows the same three journeys of the Apprenticeship; Wounds, Battles and Sacrifices, and yet following and underpinned by the specific stories and crafts of the Lightning and the Three Fathers.

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“Given enough time, any man may master the physical.
With enough knowledge, any man may become wise.
It is the true warrior who can master both….and surpass the result.”
Tien T’ai

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