Stailceanna Tintreach; Lightning Strikes! Online ‘apprenticeship & training’

In all the cosmological stories regarding change, challenge and Fire, a lament is sent into the darkness of shadows, and without fail, a response is returned in lightning, that first flash of inspiration, creation, imagination and setting in motion. The Lightning is the heart of all things and as such is both the moment before and the moment after.

Stailceanna Tintreach; Lightning Strikes presents this challenge as a means by which distant students can access training.

Students who undertake this pathway of training, which like all ‘apprenticeship’ training will have some knowledge and experience of spirit work.

The training is a core animist training and spiritual awareness journey consisting of on-line lessons and discussions, along with one to one guidance & tuition and group webinars. There is a requirement that all online students meet at an annual gathering for residential practicum and application.

This training also has in addition elemental pathways into Guardianships. This is a both a self contained training, with the option of becoming one or more Elemental Guardians based upon the 5 elements of the Sagh’ic. Within this stage is the emphasis on personal awareness and healing underpinned by psycho-spiritual principles.

An integral part of the training is an advancement of the core work and prepares the student for Initiation as a Ceann-Iuil (Tribal Pathfinder) with an additional training for  Installation as an Aoghair (Animist Minister). There is the opportunity to undertake training in the Tribal Guardianships. This stage deepens the immersion into animist cosmology and practice, through application and personal experience.

The Training group has its own Discussion Forum, in which students can share, collaborate and support each other as well as presenting heir explorations, experience and practice of this journey.

Students will need regular access to a computer and the internet.