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Based on Animist Spirituality and the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream Tradition

To enrich our ceremonial lives and deepen our spiritual wisdom.

For full and detailed information on all workshops & lectures,
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WPT Logo - CopyA Series of monthly interactive talks and journeys within the Animist tribal tradition of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream
Understanding and applying modalities and perspectives based upon ancient community based spiritualty,
This series of talks will bring deeper;
– appreciation of life in modern day living
– awareness of who we are as spirit beings
– consideration for the world around us

  • Journeying in the Otherworld
  • The 11 Genders
  • Soul & the Great Song
  • Sin & Curses
  • Bereavement & Grief
  • Sacrifice
  • Healing
  • Ecstasy & Prayer
  • The Ancient Ones

Introduction to Animist Spirituality and Ceann-Iuil Apprenticeship

Briefing 1

Animism; spirit in and of all, is the precursor to much and many spirit practices and traditions.

All spirit tradition and practice derives in some way or form from a cosmology of ancestral lineage, though it may be lost, hidden or adapted.

This one day experience is to touch the cosmology of the Sagh’ic and the interconnectedness of spirit in all things, including ourselves.

It will be focussed and inherent of the Lineage Tradition that Apprentices train and initiate in, through Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Tradition, a North European Animist tradition sometimes (wrongly) referred to as Celtic, focussed on Clan and Community, based on the stories of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the People of the Wolf, and answering the call of the First Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinder of the Tradition to serve those who lost themselves in the Shadows beyond.

Within this day we will ask ourselves:

are our hearts and souls called to this work?
Is an inner ancestral destiny calling for release?
do we feel that we can walk into the darkness…?
…to be a Warrior Healer for others?
And to be compassionate with our Beloved Selves and so be able to seek out the Lost Soul.
Could we, will we heal the souls of others?

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One with The Song


Vibrational and expansive body & soul healing

The Great Song permeates creation
It is the same song in each and every being,
To be one with the song is to be one with all things
Being one with all things we are medicine for all thing

A weekend to understand and appreciate our quantum relationship with each other and the world about us, so that we realise we are already ‘ancestral healing ceremony’


Seanachais – The Dreamweavers


The Seanachais were the storytellers of our Ancestral roots.
Stories change the world – that is their magic
They were makers of great enchantment and fascination in the art of creating living worlds, that the listeners could be brought to, journey in, and experience.
The Seanachais wove dreams.
They created patchworks of lives that could be experienced through all senses.

Storytelling is an art of true magic, making the impossible possible and the improbable probable.

To be Seanachais was to have a spirit connection with the breath, soul and song of the world so that that song could be sung to and reminded to those who could not hear.

This will be an experience to evoke and tune the inner storyteller to the song of the world
And open their awareness to bring the magic of the Traditional Stories alive.

Snakes & Ladders Retreat

snakes & Ladders

A two day exploration of Life in Death

The Life That’s Left

Shrouding_8037 2

Summer leaves and winter comes
Romance is over but the photo is still on the table
Walk away from what’s left behind, yet are still burdened
When the life is gone, life still stays behind.

The human heart longs for gathering
By these we are trapped, possessed of the other and by the other
We are haunted in our hearts by ghosts of longing.

For two days we will not just explore longing, we will immerse ourselves in its haunting, its seduction, its desire, its suffering.
We will find that longing and reshape it into an instrument of joy and guidance.

This is not a grief workshop; this is a joy and practical workshop.
We will consider;

  • Breaking bad news,
  • Preparing for death,
  • Tending the dying,
  • Grieving and resolution

Through practical instruction, application, role-play, soulful prayer and ceremony, we will lift ourselves from the chains of attachment and put on the threads of connection.


Drum & Rattle making workshop

The Spirit Drum and rattle are external embodiments of our lives.
They express our joy and sadness and are implements of prayer.
As such they tell the story of our relationship to the divine

Drum making needs to be pre-booked
Current Prices (Canadian dollars)

10″ Deer Skin drum – $75

12” Elk skin drum – $95

14” Elk skin drum – $125
16” Elk skin drum – $155

prices for 18″ & 20″ drums on request

Deer skin Rattle – $60
Prices include all materials for drum skin dyeing and drum stick making

There will also be Drum ceremonies & Healing


Playing with The Kids


A children’s playgroup for adults

We are born children
Our souls enter the world pure, eager, innocent, full of childlike wonder to explore, to discover the mystery of life………….

But somehow with the pressures and mantles of others, our parents,
our friends, our teachers, our colleagues, our gang, our bosses,
the pressures of civilisation, we lose touch with that child.

This child hides and waits for us to come back and rescue them,
to play with them, to love them.

This workshop will be held in Lions Bay Village Hall

Cost $100 per participant
Lunches will be provided

Comfortable, bright clothing you won’t mind getting messed up!
and your favourite toy from your childhood