Sacred Hunter



The Male Soul is a calling to service, not servitude rather action that facilitates change.

Anam Fireann; the man’s spirit is a calling of the Lightning to illuminate and the void

Anam Fireann is a reclaiming of the archetypes of the male journey of purpose

Satyr, Warrior, Hunter, Father, King, Priest, Magician,

Male & Female spirits are collaborative movements in the symphony of the Great Song

As the world turns, modern society has lost, forgotten, shamed, hidden, tamed and misused this wild lightning the tumultuous ocean.

with no hunt there can be no gathering

the collaboration is non existent

and the Great Song falls silent

mens ceremonies 3

In ceremonies and rituals of transition and honouring of the stands of the man’s service, the wildness of his lightning, the rites of male passage,

we bring remembrance of the sacred origins of the male soul.