Marriage & Funerary Rites

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One of the constants of the nomadic way, indeed of life in general, is change.

For us humans change can be a joyous surprise and/or celebration, and can equally be a sadness or dread.

Humans have never been good with change and throughout all our history, we have gathered to celebrate all changes, both sad and joyous as a sharing and witnessing of how all of us will journey onwards, embraced by change.

The Ceremonies of change of the Sagh’ic are always ceremonies of hope, celebration and honouring the intimacy of the cycle of life without fear, and in some way always joy.

The coming together and the stepping apart, Marriage and Funerary are always great moments of change in our lives and the lives of those around us. In a long forgotten way our ancestors always knew and recognised the beauty in change.

Nuptial Rites

Funerary Rites