Lasrachail (Blazing); The Journey of Battles


“To survive, we must begin to know sacredness.
The pace which most of us live prevents this”
Chrystos, Menominee

Response & Reaction – Passion – Identity
Focus on the Element of WATER

As we ascend the mountain, the path narrows and steepens, the song of the wild wind of the Ancestors, spurs us on. The peak we saw with such enthusiasm comes into and falls out of view, the plains below now dizzyingly far. Our strengths and weaknesses combine as we battle against the shadows that call us to turn back. Here neither at the base or the peak of the mountain, we know how easy it is to get lost and with that knowledge we know ourselves as Warriors.

This is the training for the Practitioner of traditional shamanic craft.
This part of the Journey, that of Battles, considers –

In-dwelling & Out-dwelling Spirits
Soul Rememberment & Re-association
Elementals, for and against us
Spiritual Attachment & dis-attachment
Ceremony & Ritual Form;
9 Phases of  Ritual
Being and living the ceremony
The four languages of incarnation
– Body
– Emotional
– Psychological
– Intuition
Dis & Depossesion – Soul Wounding
Ancestors; ancerstor journeying
– the forgotten dead
Alternative and Consecutive Life Investigation & Healing
Psychopomp & Spiritual conduction of the dead
– Sealachais Gloss; the Green Stag
Disamouring; identifying and removing stagnant and non serving armours
Extraction & Intrusion
The Five States of Consciousness
Safety and respect for and in each Realm
Element Divination
– Stone
– Water
– Flame
– Smoke
Treatment strategies & planning
Cultural, ethnic & tribal diversity & consideration
Death, Dying & birthing
– the 13 moon journeys
– grieving
Medicine walking and Vision Questing
The Spirit Mask
Warrior Spirits
Haunting & Poltergeist/ghost phenomena
– clearing & Exorcism 1
Plant counsellor
Spirit Transference – Soul dolls & fetish work
Trance work; ‘shaker’ consciousness
– voice and dance

Sacred Tool Making (Apprentices will make)
The Spirit Mask

Sagh’ic Cosmology 2
– The Four Rivers
– songs of Bearch & Grroh Goh
– Ocean of memories
– The Bones of Fear

Extra Curriculum
– Residential Gathering & Conference