Déag Garrán Crann Naofa The Grove of the 13 Trees


Déag Garrán Crann Naofa; The Grove of the 13 Trees

In the Sagh’ic Saga of the ‘Bones of Fear’, the story of the death of the first man, there is reference to his journey from the mundane world to the Mountain of his ancestors through the Grove of the 13 Sacred Trees that encircle the Great Tree of the world; The Great Song;


“On that first night Grroh-Goh rests by the holly tree, which sings the song of the warrior’s battle and death.

On the second night the yew tree sings of the darkness into which Fear ran and dreamed his dream.

On the third night the juniper sings of the great and small in everyone and the place of nothing between them.

On the fourth night the birch sings the dancing in life and the songs of the lovers in life.

On the fifth night the reed sings across the waters of togetherness, the coming together and the going apart.

On the sixth night the hazel sing of the wisdom of life and the sharing of words.

On the seventh night the alder sings of promises kept and unmet.

On the eighth night the hawthorn sings of the magic that changes the path with desire.

On the ninth night the apple sings her song treasures found and given.

On the tenth night the willow sings of surrender.

On the eleventh night the rowan sings of the forest and the world beyond the dreaming.

On the twelfth night the vine sings a song that holds in sweetness

On the thirteenth night the ivy sings a song that releases in forgetfulness.”


This 15 weekend journey, is a quest of an ancestral spirituality just beyond our reach, and is available as an online teaching.

Through Journey, personal quest and ritual, we reach for he mountain of our sacred heart