Foghar Gòrag


Foghar Gòrag is the image of a wild woman harvesting the field, or a she-crow who watches the field as it ripens and the female scarecrow that protects the harvest.

There are 3 great mother spirits;

  • Seanamhair Cuan; Grandmother Ocean
  • Máthair Tei, the sacred earth and daughter of the ocean
  • Art-S-Wath, the deep, dark green forest, daughter of the earth

All Tribes and peoples have a soul, an An’N, the song that binds and moves.

The Warrior Women are called in the ancient songs of The Ocean, The Earth and the Forest, the songs of Bo (mother Cow), Muc Mother sow), Bearch (first woman), Gealach (moon), Màthair Ghuir (bee) and Mear Dao-ean Ghost mother); to be as the arms of Math Ireann Tathasg so as to be the gatherers of the souls of the kin and childer of our tribe.

Foghar Gòrag is not a women’s group, rather a team of women who undertake in sacred guardianship the wellbeing of all the children of the Forest and Tribe, which is not only humans.
Foghar Gòrag is like a picture that shows women in the evening light calling the children in from play and the men from toil before the darkness comes; it shows the women as knowing that their family must be home to be safe as if they have a sense of the shadows potential danger of stealing those they love, and it shows the harvesters who discern, those who cull and gather in and cast away. As Gòrag, they stand fearsome and frightful in their guarding of the harvest.

Through the ancient ritual of Seal-Fathr, the Gatherers call the Sealgari (men) to hunt and divine the next steps for the community.

Induction Training Module (1 weekend)

The three primal mothers
The three totemic mothers
The 9 Stands of The Woman
Soul guarding
Seal-Fathr – trance song, trancing staff, Raven divination, tutelary possession
Gatherers Bowl
Daily Ritual
The mark of service