Aoghair Training


Aoghair are the licenced and registered ministerial representatives of the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery and have the same rights as any nominated clergy of other denominational/religious organisations, including the right to perform marriage ceremonies.

The Minister Licence is granted by the Society to current and consistent Initiated members and in special circumstances to those registered as clergy in other similar Traditions/societies.

And registered under the appropriate federal offices of the governing area.

Installation and conferring of the legal licensing registration results from 4 day intensive training  and is completed in an appropriate ceremony when all rights, titles and insignia are conferred.

This Training is only available to those who have undertaken and completed the Three Journeys of Ceann-Iuil Apprenticeship

The training will include;

  • Awareness of the ceremonies and the core stories that underpin them
  • The legal and practical responsibilities of the licence
  • Understanding the procedures of record keeping, registration and documentation of Marriage ceremonies
  • Installation ceremony

Training includes annual updates to cover:

  • Funerary rites
  • Transition rites
  • Chaplaincy
  • Pastoral Guidance & Ministry